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Membership and Payment

  • What is the TastyClub pass exactly?
    TastyClub is the pass of having great dinners with 25% discount at many restaurants throughout the Netherlands. The pass holder receives discount on the entire bill (food and drinks) with max. 4 people.
  • Can I use the pass immediately?
    Yes, you can use the app with the discount pass right away the same day.
  • How often can I eat out with the TastyClub pass?
    With the TastyClub pass you can eat out as often as you want, as long as your membership is valid.
  • What part of the menu is applicable for discount?
    In contrast to many other discount offers, TastyClub discounts are applicable on the entire menu including drinks. Excluding already discounted - special offers of the restaurant at that time.
  • What products can I buy with the TastyClub pass?
    With your TastyClub pass you can visit any participating restaurant and receive 25% discount. You can use your pass for lunch or dinner. On the restaurant profiles you can find the opening hours and the days the restaurant gives discount.
  • Is my TastyClub pass strictly personal or can I lend it even though I will not attend dinner?
    Your TastyClub pass is personal and is registered under your name, therefore it is not possible to lend out your pass.
  • Are the prices included taxes?
    All prices on are included taxes.
  • How can I place an order?
    Via you place an order. After you filled in your details you can pay with iDeal through the Pay-button. If you want to place a group- or business order and receive invoice , please contact us at Your order will be confirmed via email.
  • Can I also order multiple TastyClub passes?
    Yes, it is possible to order several passes at once. Contact us via
  • What do I need to do after I bought a TastyClub membership?
    After the purchase of membership, download the TastyClub app on your phone and log in with your selected email and password. From that moment you are a holder of the digital TastyClub discount pass.
  • How do I keep informed of new TastyClub restaurants?
    In order to keep informed about our fast growing restaurant network follow us on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and keep updated with new restaurant entries.
  • How will I know when my TastyClub pass expires?
    On your TastyClub pass on the app there is an expiry date. After this date the pass is no longer valid. In the app under ‘Profile’ you will also find the end date of your pass. The pass is not renewed automatically.
  • Can I change my mind/ have the right of withdrawal?
    You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving any reason. The withdrawal period will expire in 14 days from the date you purchased the service.
  • I have a complaint
    Do you have a complaint about TastyClub or our service? Please contact us via You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt and we will respond within 5 working days. If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint please submit it to the Geschillencommissie Thuiswinkel, Postbus 90600, 2509 LP te Den Haag ( Also you can submit your complaint to the Geschillencommissie via het Europees ODR Platform (

Discounts and process

  • How does it work?
    After the purchase on the website you install the app on your smartphone. Then LOGIN to the TastyClub app on your smartphone with your registered email and password. Or you can buy the membership directly from the app, in this case download the app and click on REGISTER. Click on “Nearby” to see the nearest hotspots or click “Restaurants” on the menu to search around the full restaurant list. Once you have decided which place you want to visit make a telephone reservation and mention that you use TastyClub discount pass. When you are at the restaurant go to the restaurant’s profile at the app and click on “Use pass”, your digital discount pass will appear. Show to the staff your discount pass on your mobile. You and your friends will receive 25% discount on entire bill (max 4 people).
  • What is the discount TastyClub members receive?
    The discount is 25% off the entire bill, including drinks.
  • Why do I have to book in advance?
    To make sure the restaurant has enough space to accommodate you and the restaurant is aware that you will use the TastyClub pass. This way you are sure that you can reap the benefits of your TastyClub pass.
  • Is there a limit on the amount I should spend or any other restrictions?
    No, you can order what you want from the menu. There are no restrictions on the amount you spend, no set menus or limitations about how many times you can use the discount per day. The TastyClub discount pass is valid for a table of max 4 people.
  • When can I use my TastyClub membership?
    At the indicated discount days and working hours mentioned on the restaurant's profile. It may be that the discount pass is not valid with other discounts or holidays. This differs for each participating restaurant.
  • What smartphones TastyClub app is available for?
    You can download the app on iPhones with software iOS 8.0 and up and Android with version 4.2 and up. You can also download the app on your tablet. Notice: The TastyClub app is not available for Windows phones.
  • Is the TastyClub pass also valid during holidays?
    This varies per restaurant. Contact the restaurant of your choice to inform.
  • The maximum number of persons is 4. I want to eat out with 6 persons, is that allowed?
    Of course it is possible to eat out with more people than the maximum number of persons to which the discount applies. For example if you are going to eat with 6 people, 4 will receive the 25% discount and the remaining 2 persons pay the regular price.
  • I know a nice restaurant that is not already on the website. How can I pass this tip?
    All your tips and suggestions are always welcome, please contact us through the contact form. We will try our best to make them a partner of TastyClub.
  • Who pays for the discount that I receive?
    The discount is paid by the restaurant. In exchange the restaurant receives more new guests on the discount days.
  • How can I reach TastyClub if I have any questions or complaints?
    You can reach us by filling in the contact form on our website or send us an email at

For partners

  • What is TastyClub?
    TastyClub is the first dinning out club that provides with discount their members in The Netherlands. We support local businesses by giving them the opportunity to build a strong and lasting relationship with their customers.
  • How to become a partner?
    You can contact us by phone (020 3373 177) or send us an email at for more information.
  • How does it work?
    It's easy! We'll add your restaurant to our restaurant network and let our users know about it! When they arrive at your restaurant check the digital discountpass on the phone of your guest. Then provide a 25% discount to the TastyClub member.
  • What are the conditions to become a TastyClub partner?
    TastyClub is a unique dining club, so we strive to provide the best quality service. We expect all our partners to treat all TastyClub members as valued guests and offer the highest quality service.
  • What discount do I offer?
    The discount that our partners offer is 25% on the entire bill.
  • Is there a maximum number of guests that a TastyClub member can bring?
    The discount is valid for up to 4 people.
  • How much does it cost to become TastyClub partner?
    TastyClub partnership is absolutely free.
  • Should TastyClub members inform partners in advance about their arrival?
    TastyClub members are asked to make a reservation to guarantee a table.
  • Where the discount must be applied?
    TastyClub members get discount on the entire menu, including drinks. Partners, however, may choose to exclude special offers which are already discounted.
  • Can my restaurant exclude certain days or times?
    Yes, as a partner you can decide to exclude TastyClub discount on certain days.
  • Why does TastyClub partner provide discount?
    In exchange for the discount TastyClub offers: (1) new customers that improve business and performance, you will be listed in our restaurant map that helps costumers to find you easily (2) help retain customers and achieve sustainable customer relationships, (3) free promotion via the website, social media and app, having all the necessary information about your business, such as location, contact details, type of cuisine, menu, pictures, and reviews from visitors.